Steps to Acquire Your MIGS Diploma

The GESEA MIGS Diploma is a video-based expert-reviewed diploma where surgical skills are evaluated by performing a select number of laparoscopic and hysteroscopic procedures.

  • The first step is to submit the schedule of your first procedure stating the date when you will perform the actual procedure, you cannot use existing recorded video material. There are five different procedures to schedule with a total costs of 500 euro. As soon as you have scheduled your first procedure, you have entered the MIGS Diploma programme.

  • After you have performed a procedure, you have 48 hours to submit the video of the procedure through the GESEA Diploma Video submission system and the report of the anaesthesiologist to; for each procedure, you have to make a separate submission.

  • When the ESGE has received all your recorded procedures, they will be expert-reviewed and rated.

  • If the expert committee provides a positive evaluation, you will receive your ESGE Diploma. If you receive a negative evaluation, you will be notified.