Special Interest Groups
Working Groups

Innovations in Surgery

SIG Chair:

S. Becker

SIG Members:

N. Vlahos, M. Wallwiener, M. Kaur, L. Tebache, U. Catena, M. Andeyro, R. Rovira, T. Theodoridis, A. Jones, C. Thomas, A. Daniilidis, A. Veddeng

SIG Projects completed 2019 and 2020:

The Value of Medical Apps for Surgical Medicine
The Current Status of Laser Medicine in Gynaecologic Surgery
Endometrial-Ablation Techniques – State of the Art
Review of Advanced Vessel-Sealing Devices

Papers in process, submitted or published in ESGE Journal:

Lasers in gynaecology – Are they still obsolete? Review of past, present and future applications