21st February 2024

ESGE Advisory Board Elections 2024 | Applications Open | Deadline 15th April

Advisory Board Elections 2024

The ESGE Advisory Board is the entry gate to the decision-making process of our Society. This democratic election process is now open for all ESGE members, except candidates from France, Germany, Italy and Portugal this year as the representation for each country is limited to maximum two board members from the total of 16 and there are currently two French, German, Italian and Portuguese Board Members. In March 2024 the elections will take place to fill 4 vacancies on the Advisory Board for the term 2024 - 2028. If interested, please send your curriculum vitae, photo and the application form (*), duly completed, to the ESGE Central Office ( not later than 15th April 2024. Please remember that all candidates and supporters must be paid-up ESGE members. After the nomination phase, an electronic voting system will be opened to all full ESGE members (including members of the Corporate Member Societies). The first 4 elected will seat in the Advisory Board. We will collect the votes before end of April 2024. The results will be submitted to the Executive Board in May 2024.


  • (Please complete with Position held, Hospital and/or University, five lines indicating your professional activities and appointments)
  • Nomination Form

    Your nomination should be supported by four paid-up ESGE members. Please complete the list underneath in order to allow the ESGE Central Office to contact your supporters by e-mail. All supporters and nominees must be registered members of the Society. An assigned Advisory Board Member may not hold any board seat in other International acting medical societies during the term.
  • Last name + First name, Country of your Supporter 1
  • Last name + First name, Country of your Supporter 2
  • Last name + First name, Country of your Supporter 3
  • Last name + First name, Country of your Supporter 4
  • Upload Curriculum Vitae

    In order to be included in the list of Candidates for election to the Advisory Board, please upload a short Curriculum Vitae by 6th March 2024.
  • Max. file size: 512 MB.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY