Special Interest Groups
Working Groups

Special Interest Groups

ESGE Special Interest Groups and Working Groups represent the Society and actively work on new developments in their fields and the ways to evaluate and implement these developments in general clinical practice.

A Special Interest Group (SIG) is defined as a long-term assembly of members with a special interest area in a sub-specialty of gynaecological endoscopy (eg. Urogynaecology, Oncology, Benign gynaecology/uterine disorders, Endometriosis, Reproduction) or with a special expertise (eg. imaging, quality aspects, research and guidelines). The members meet to discuss new developments in their area and the ways to evaluate and implement these developments in the general clinical practice.

Functions of the SIG

The function of a SIG is to maintain the scientific standards in its specific area:

organizing and supporting educational activities
developing and/or adopting guidelines/recommendations with respect to clinical practice
providing and/or supporting research initiatives of the members working in that particular area
providing opportunities for exchanging opinions and building consensus
focusing on quality and educational standards through certification and accreditation that might lead to, and achieved through several outputs, including specific training courses or documentation, establishment of Working Groups for development of guidelines and/or consensus to be published



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