31st March 2022

Facts, Views and Vision in ObGyn Issue 1, 2022 – Out Now!

The latest issue (Vol. 14, Issue 1, March 2022) of Facts, Views and Vision in ObGyn, the official of journal of ESGE, is out now.

Some highlights:

How to implement environmental sustainability in the OR in gynaecology: to measure is to know

K.E. Van Nieuwenhuizen, F.W. Jansen

How to dissect the pelvic nerves: from microanatomy to surgical rules. An evidence-based clinical review

A. Aleksandrov, A.V. Smith, R. Botchorishvili, B. Rabischong

Infantile or hypoplastic uterus? A proposal for a modification to the ESHRE/ESGE classification of female genital tract congenital abnormalities

T. Küçük, B. Ata

Reproductive performance following hysteroscopic treatment of intrauterine adhesions: single surgeon data

L.S. Direk, M. Salman, A. Alchami, E. Saridogan

The first European gynaecological procedure with the new surgical robot Hugo™ RAS. A total hysterectomy and salpingo- oophorectomy in a woman affected by BRCA-1 mutation

G. Monterossi, L. Pedone Anchora, S. Gueli Alletti, A. Fagotti, F. Fanfani, G. Scambia