8th July 2022

Facts, Views and Vision in ObGyn Vol. 14 Issue 2, June 2022 Out Now!

The latest issue (Vol. 14, Issue 2, June 2022) of Facts, Views and Vision in ObGyn, the official of journal of ESGE, is out now and available online!

Highlighted Articles:


The case for standardising robotic curriculum globally

G. Moawad, S. Rahman, E. Saridogan


Endometrial biopsy under direct hysteroscopic visualisation versus blind endometrial sampling for the diagnosis of endometrial hyperplasia and cancer: Systematic review and meta-analysis

A. Di Spiezio Sardo, G. Saccone, J. Carugno, L.A. Pacheco, B. Zizolfi, S. Haimovich, T.J. Clark

Original Articles:

Surgical and functional impact of nerve-sparing radical hysterectomy for parametrial deep endometriosis: a single centre experience

A. Rosati, M. Pavone, F. Campolo, A. De Cicco Nardone, D. Raimondo, R. Seracchioli, G. Scambia, M.M. Ianieri

3D transvaginal ultrasound diagnosis of uterine septa according to different classifications: are there other measurements that correlate to reproductive outcome in small indentation length?

C. Russo, F. Conway , T. Siciliano, A. Selntigia, F. Giuseppe Martire, G. Soreca, C. Ticconi, C. Exacoustos