30th January 2023

Facts, Views and Vision in ObGyn Vol. 14 Issue 4, December 2022 Out Now!

The latest issue (Vol. 14, Issue 4, December 2022) of Facts, Views and Vision in ObGyn, the official journal of ESGE, is out now and available online!



The future of (non-)surgical ablative therapy in uterine adnomyosis

R.L. De Wilde, R. Devassy, H.C. Verhoeven, L.A. Torres-de la Roche


Humans at the dawn of the in-body electrical nerve stimulation era

M. Possover


Short-term recovery after NovaSure® endometrial ablation: a prospective cohort study

I.M.A. Reinders, M.R.D. van de Kar, P.M.A.J. Geomini, J.C. Leemans, J.W.M. Maas, M.Y. Bongers

J. Lewin, E. Saridogan, D Byrne, T.J. Clark, A. Vashish

Visualising surgical training in O&G following the COVID-19 pandemic –

The European view

R. Hablase, R. Mallick, F. Odejinmi

Effectiveness and patient satisfaction with office hysteroscopic polypectomy in patients with symptomatic endometrial polyps

M. A. Céspedes Martínez, J. Rovira Pampalona, M. Degollada Bastos, R. Izquierdo Argelich, J. Bou Tapias,
F. Laura, P. Brescó Torras, J. Carugno

The ‘chicken-egg-model’: a simple in vitro model for 3D-ultrasonography and elastography

M. Vanthienen, K. Dewilde, T. Van den Bosch


Pelvic anatomy in laparoscopic surgery for pelvic organ prolapse: dissect your success

M.G. Melo, R. Botchorishvili

Surgical treatment of catamenial chest pain: Excision of diaphragmatic endometriosis during robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery

T. Usta, M. Gonenc, S. Yilmaz, G.S.C. Akyol, A. Kale, E. Oral


An unusual histological finding following myomectomy

F. Macdonald, A. Okojie, A. Gayen, R. Mallic

Complications of oxidised regenerated cellulose at Caesarean section: A report of two cases

A. Ward, P. Ives, A. Koumousidis

The use of near-infrared imaging with indocyanine green in the ovarian tissue transplantation: a case report

D. Raimondo, A. Raspollini, R. Vicenti, F. Renzulli, V. Magnani, C. Franceschini, A. Raffone, A. Mollo,
P. Casadio, R. Seracchioli