2nd September 2020

Forthcoming in Volume 12, issue 2

Epublication ahead of print – Forthcoming in Volume 12, issue 2

The COVID-19 outbreak has dominated our lives for most of this year. Now that the outbreak seems to be slowing down and the rules of the lockdown are being relaxed, we have been planning resuming surgical activities again. This may not be very straightforward, as the risk of infection is still around us. We also need to organise the services to minimise the risk to our patients and healthcare professionals. 

The next issue of Facts, Views & Vision contains two articles dealing with the subject of restarting surgery in the coming days. The article by Mallick et al provides a detailed European perspective of the challenges ahead and outlines a proposal of how to organise benign gynaecological surgery services, whilst the article by Moawad et al discusses the North American perspective.