Special Interest Groups
Working Groups

Education & Training

SIG Chair:

H. Ferreira

SIG Members:

R. Rovira, M. Wallwiener, A. Vazquez, L. Tebache, G. Centini, S. Maia, F. Campolo, P. Crochet, T. Theodoris, S. Karampelas

SIG Project:

Improving the endoscopic surgical skills worldwide with the final goal to offer our patients a better care and surgical treatment

Project description:

In spite of the remarkable work performed, there are still many challenges ahead. The SIG Education and Training will work on increasing the number of certified gynaecological surgeons and training centers in different nations

Activities 2021:

- increased the cooperation with EBCOG and ENTOG towards a better collaboration (GESEA activities, educational and training projects);
- worked together with YEP-ESGE towards the development of new YEP exchange and YEP fellowship programs.
- supported several scientific projects involving young gynecologist.
- collaborated with the ESGE journal (FVV) with publications and revisions.
- interacted with other ESGE-SIGS to organize webinars and educational activities.