Special Interest Groups
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SIG Chair:

J. Keckstein

SIG Members:

H. Roman, C. Exacoustos, E. Zupi, E. Saridogan, H. Krentel, A. Forman, M. Nisolle

SIG Project:

Evaluation of diagnostics, treatment and documentation of deep endometriosis before, during and after surgery: a European Survey

Project description:

On the basis of a study, the current situation in the diagnosis and therapy of deep endometriosis in Europe will be evaluated. The focus here is the investigation of the preoperative diagnostic procedures as well as their use in the planning for the operation and the different surgical techniques. In addition, the postoperative follow up of the patients should be investigated. With these data we will analyse the various characteristics how to diagnose and treat deep endometriosis and try to identify the possibilities of quality control. The findings from this study could help us in further planning of training and organization of learning programs to support appropriate centers and individual specialists. The survey should reach all members of the ESGE and if possible also those of the affiliated national societies