Special Interest Groups
Working Groups


SIG Chair:

B. Rabischong

SIG Members:

K. Afors, P. Trompoukis, A. Forman, V. Chiantera, M. Possover, A. Daniilidis

SIG Project:

Promotion of a new discipline with a lot of clinical perspectives

Project description:

Neuropelveology is born from the anatomical advantage of laparoscopy, which now allows to surgically expose the main somatic or autonomic pelvic nerves. Laparoscopic procedures include: nerve sparing, neurolysis for endometriosis, preoperative neurostimulation, implantation of neural electrode. In 2014, the ISON (International Society of Neuropelveology) was created during the ESGE Annual Congress in Brussels. Since 2014, a post- or pre-congress course has been organised during the annual congress. An international workshop with cadaveric dissection is held every two years. A specific certification to be a neuropelveologist has been implemented with 3 levels. The objectives are promoting and teaching neuropelveology to ESGE members to prepare for the neuropelveology certification in line with GESEA.