Special Interest Groups
Working Groups


SIG Chair:

L. Mereu

SIG Members:

G. Scambia, R. Rovira Negre, A. El Balat, N. Habib, V. Chiantera, R. Devassy, G. Centini

SIG Project:

ESGE-SERGS recommendations on MIS and LACC

Project description:
After the results of LACC trial about MIS radical hysterectomy for cervical cancer, it is extremely important to analyze critically the results and the possible improvements in terms of indications, surgical technique and strategies.
The project is to establish collaboration with SERGS society and to create a collaborative group to joint a statement on MIS radical hysterectomy. In parallel, in collaboration with ESGO we would like to create OSATS to standarize steps in oncological laparoscopic surgery: ( PL-OSATS, PAi-OSATS, PAe.OSATS, O-OSATS, RH-OSATS)