Special Interest Groups
Working Groups

Quality Safety & Legal Aspects

SIG Chair:

A. Watrelot

SIG Members:

M. Nisolle, A. Putz, S. Maia

SIG Project:

Opinion paper: from complication to litigation

Project description:

To publish an opinion paper endorsed by ESGE about complications in laparoscopy which should not lead to litigation

SIG Projects completed 2019 and 2020:

Laparoscopy checklist

Papers in process, submitted or published in ESGE Journal:

Laparoscopy checklist
From complication to litigation: The importance of nontechnical skills in the management of complications 

Planned activities 2021-2022:

- To establish the platform to help physician facing a medicolegal actions
- To analyse , compare and publish the main medico-legal aspect of gynaecologic surgery according to the different european countries