Special Interest Groups
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Reproductive Surgery

SIG Chair:

G. Pados

SIG Members:

A. Daniilidis, H. Krentel, M. Nisolle, V. Tanos, L. Tebache, T. Theodoridis, A. Vasquez, A. Watrelot, A. Feki, J. Dubuisson, L.A. Pacheco, E. Panagodimou

SIG Project:

Recommendations for surgical treatment of tubal factor infertility

Project description:

The project aims to provide recommendations covering the laparoscopic management of tubal factor infertility in the era of Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART).The advent of assisted reproductive technology has an crucial impact on laparoscopic reproductive surgery.

SIG Projects completed 2019 and 2020:

Two publications in the journal of our Society “Facts, Views, and Vision in ObGyn”. The first was a survey on the conservative surgical management of endometriotic cysts, which was initiated by the coordinator of the SIG Prof. George Pados and Prof. Joerg Keckstein. The conclusions confirmed the fundamental role of laparoscopic approach in the management of endometriosis, showed that cystectomy was the preferred surgical method and stressed the importance of well-designed, good-quality studies on the issue.

The second publication, on the treatment of hydrosalpinges in infertile women, confirmed the role of laparoscopy as a first-line treatment in the management of this disease.

SIG projects 2020-2021:

- A European survey on the conservative surgical management of endometriotic cysts on behalf of the European Society for Gynaecolofgical Endoscopy (ESGE) Special Interest Group on Endometriosis. FFV in OB-GYM., 12(2): 105-108, 2020
- A European survey on treatment of hydrosalpinges in infertile women on behalf of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy Special Interest Group on Reproductive Surgery.
FVV in OB-GYN, 12(3): 241-244, 2020
- Hands on Training Workshop in Hysteroscopy (HYSTT), 28 May 2021, Thessaloniki, Greece.
Four working stations, 20 participants

Papers in process, submitted or published in ESGE Journal:

Adenomyosis: new insights in an old issue. A. Daniilidis, G. Pados, S. Gordts, M. Nisolle, submitted to FVV in OB-GYN