Bachelor in Endoscopy Certificate

Level 1

Knowledge Acquisition

Subscribe to the Winners E-Learning platform and complete the theoretical tutorials and quizzes of the Bachelor level.

Practical Skill Training

Perform practical skill training according by using the GESEA tools during courses at the Academy, or in other GESEA Training or Diploma Centres, and during ESGE congresses or events for residents and inexperienced endoscopic surgeons.


Take the GESEA Level 1 Bachelor exam at an accredited GESEA Diploma Centre. The certification session consists of (1) a theoretical exam, TESTT1, which contains 50 multiple choice questions on instrumentation, OR organisation, anatomy, different endoscopic techniques and complication management, and (2) three practical exams, LASTT1, SUTT1 and HYSTT1. Please be aware that not all of the multiple choice questions in TESTT1 will have been included in the content of the preparatory tutorials on TESTT1 contains a selected range of questions, some from the Websurg tutorials and others related to an expected knowledge base for Level 1 of the GESEA programme.
Note that the bachelor tutorials on the Winners E-Learning platform always have to be completed prior to receiving access to the MIGS tutorials. Apply for a Bypass