As of the ESGE Congress in Thessaloniki 2019, the ESGE diploma of Minimal Invasive Gynaecological Surgeon (MIGS) has been redesigned to address its shortcomings and to give it a much stronger academic value for future candidates. In the past, the procedure consisted of providing the ESGE with a list of interventions performed as first surgeon in laparoscopy and hysteroscopy with a minimum of 50 procedures for each. This list was then to be signed by the head of the department, which confirmed that the interventions had been carried out by the candidate. While this method could attest to the surgical experience, it was incapable of evaluating any surgical skills. Thus, the ESGE has developed a method of assessment through video recording. The ESGE has chosen to evaluate the candidates based on standardised procedures in both laparoscopy and hysteroscopy with validated assessment scales.

For laparoscopy, the candidate will be evaluated on the unedited video of a total hysterectomy of own choosing. The evaluation will be done, double-blinded by 2 reviewers, based on a scientifically validated scale: H-OSATS (P. Crochet) in accordance with the latest ESGE guidelines about TLH. For hysteroscopy, the evaluation will be done based on the GESEA scale by reviewing two diagnostic procedures, a polypectomy, and a myomectomy.